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Exclusive: See the Video for Eidulon’s “A Shimmer in the Void”

It’s been eleven years since Eidulon’s debut album Idolatriae, but Combustioni, their new album on Malignant Records, is ample evidence that good things do indeed come to those who wait.

Combustioni is not a predictable successor to the icy, sepulchral ambience of Idiolatriae; this new album is a much more assertive apocalyptic industrial excursion. Eidulon’s sound has grown both in volume and in confidence: it demands attention and focus and proclaims itself from on high rather than insinuating itself from the background. It’s a vortex of dissonant brass, organ and electronically generated noise, still heavy on atmosphere, but brimming with the confidence of a conquering army.

Eidulon has help on this release from a bevy of industrial luminaries: Nordvargr and Luca Soi contribute vocals appropriate to a living autopsy, while the master heavy electronics craftsman behind Naxal Protocol and Cazzodio lends sizzling noise textures. And for those who are looking for a reference point or balance between the isolationist detachment of the first album and the stormy Combustioni, there are brilliant collaborations with Kammarheit and Caul.

The video we have for you today “A Shimmer in the Void” features vocal contributions from Nordvargr and is a perfect introduction to the expanded sonic universe that Eidulon has created.

Combustioni is available now through Malignant Records, either as a digital download or on CD with a deluxe 10-panel Maltese cross-style fold-out digipak.

Meet the perfect soundtrack for the imminent apocalypse.

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