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Destroying Angel Premiere Their Video For ‘Sentiment and Grace’

Sentiment and Grace was written through out late 2015 into 2016 and finally finished, recorded and mixed by January of 2017. At some point during rehearsals and recording it occurred to us that water was a recurring theme in the music.

Not in words necessarily but in the shifting, indefinite nature of water. Its constantly moving and changing. Water also came to mind in light of Lindsay giving birth to Wyatt Gaynor. And most of all- Change.

Members have come and gone since the first Lp and the environment around us both politically and meteorologically is changing and growing more and more unstable. So, this album is dedicated to change because what else?

Change is inevitable. Through change we can only hope to come out the other end wiser and better prepared. If not, then what?” – Tony Cesa

Destroying Angel made waves with the release of their debut album, Conversations with Their Holy Guardian Angel, on King Dude‘s highly lauded Not Just Religious Music imprint.  Limited to 300 copies and now sold out, Conversations with Their Holy Guardian Angel received some solid praise upon release, including from our own Ian Campbell (himself of Harrow and Crooked Mouth) which you can read here. ‘

A few more words from the artist:

Destroying Angel was born into the world in the winter of 2013 in Philadelphia. Originally a very stripped down folk project, they quickly grew from a 2 piece to a 5 piece. Incorporating synths, piano, violin, samples, bass, guitar and percussion Destroying Angel strive to bring together their love for 60’s acid folk/rock and post punk/industrial music to create something both dark but beautiful and uplifting.

Fueled by the songwriting and vocals of Anthony Cesa the content of Destroying Angel begs the old questions – What are we? Where are we? Where do we go in our dreams? The love of nature and an appreciation both aesthetically and spiritually for the mystery of this existence is a constant theme throughout the lyrical content sound of the music.

Our musical and artistic counter cultures and our strongest thinkers have always encouraged us to achieve what we desire and to treat one another with respect and consideration. Destroying Angel would like to encourage this attitude as well. Recognizing the divine qualities in ourselves and each other is the first step away from the sterile consumer state of mind. HAIL you, me and all of us.

Recorded and engineered by Brad Omen at the Convent in Philadelphia during the winter of 2016. Mixed by Michael “kellzo” Kelly in the winter of 2017. Mastered by James Plotkin.  Video for Sentiment and grace was filmed and edited by James Gaynor May 2017.

Sentiment and Grace comes out on April 20th, 2018  in a Limited edition of 300 copies worldwide on three different colored vinyl

100 Green / 100 Black / 100 Green & Purple.

Gatefold jacket includes 24″ x 36″ poster.

Orders shipped out on or around April 20th.

Preorder the limited edition gatefold vinyl