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Exclusive: See the New Video from Albireon “Beyond the Dreaming Forest”

Albireon are a band who have never been afraid of experimentation. So an unpredictable new album is the best possible way for them to celebrate their twentieth anniversary in 2018. A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts Part One, has the grace of an epic tragedy, and is dedicated to Dead, singer of Mayhem, who committed suicide at age 22, possibly due to trauma caused by extreme bullying.

The album is different from the melancholic and heartfelt neofolk they are known for, offering something that is darker and bleaker. A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts Part One cuts a new path through a gloomy forest, where branches become threatening fingers, ready to grab the pilgrim’s soul and swallow it into bottomless and putrid bogs, where pale faces wait to be seen.

It’s a precise mix of neofolk guitars, ghostly keyboards and even Banshees’-like female vocals courtesy of Tamar Singer (Cruel Wonders). The album’s dramatic atmosphere is augmented by heavy bass and even includes nods to black metal vocals, building an otherworldly lullaby for physically or mentally abused and bullied people who lost their lives struggling against unbearable pain or learnt to survive with their abiding wounds.

Today, we offer you a glimpse of what’s to come. “Beyond The Dreaming Forest” is the first single from A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts, which will be available from Toten Schwan and Torredei Records on March 9th.

The videoclip for “Beyond The Dreaming Forest”, the album’s lead-off single, was shot by Davide Borghi and edited by Tamar Singer. It’s a story of love (maybe) and loss through an autumnal city park.




The artwork for A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts Part One (seen above) is an astonishing painting by Albireon’s visual artist Massimo Romagnoli, probably his most controversial and provocative work to date.

And, yes, for those of you who are curious about the name, the band tells us that there will be a “Part Two” to this album, which will likely see the light of day (or the dark of night) next year. It promises an even more eclectic and experimental approach.

A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts Part One features 10 songs and will be available through Toten Schwan records and Torredei Records in CD and digital formats.


Toten Schwan

Torredei Records