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Exclusive: See the New Video by Gold, remixed by Necro Deathmort

by Ben Manzella

I still remember clearly when I discovered the music of Gold; I had seen their 2015 record, “No Image”, mentioned on the website Profound Lore. Like many fans of heavy and obscure music, I’ve developed a level of trust in Chris Bruni’s taste over the years that Profound Lore has existed and so I ordered the CD without having any idea of what it would sound like. I had no idea that finding Gold would make me examine my listening habits, but I am incredibly grateful. While I could run on and on about how many genres and subgenres I can hear reflected in their releases, the charm, and what made me a fan of their music, is that in the end, it is rock music as I believe it should be. It was as if Gold helped me rediscover rock music and get away from the standards that you come to expect when you become a full-fledged music fanatic, and I can honestly say that few bands have had that kind of powerful impression on me.
With that being said, it’s my pleasure to premiere one of two new remixes that have just been released by Gold on their new EP, Faces I Don’t Recall – The Optimist Remixes. Released on the 30th of January through Oaken Palace Records, this EP features remixes of the songs “You Too Must Die” and “White Noise” by Bestial Mouths and Necro Deathmort respectively. Part of the uniqueness of this EP release is that Oaken Palace isn’t just a record label, but also a registered charity; 100% of the profits from each release are donated to help environmentally conscious organizations that protect endangered species. Along with Gold, they’ve worked with artists such as Merzbow and Nadja. With 14 releases to date, this is a label that is clearly worth supporting and partnering with. Throughout the time Gold has been a band, they’ve made a point to use their music as a platform to comment on current sociopolitical issues and therefore it is natural for them to also show their concern for the welfare of animals. In the few questions below, guitarist Thomas Sciarone and vocalist Milena Eva were kind enough to share a bit about how the EP came together, their interest in working with Oaken Palace and the specific endangered animal their profits will be donated to, as well as upcoming tour plans. “Optimist” was released on the 5th of January in 2017 through Ván Records and I highly recommend checking it out if you aren’t already familiar. Many thanks to Gold and Oaken Palace records, and make sure to check out “Faces I Don’t Recall – The Optimist Remixes”.
How did you come to the decision to release an EP of remixes, and how were the artists who made the remixes brought into the process; was it mainly artists that the respective members of GOLD are familiar with or did any of the artists approach you over time? 
We don’t let ourselves be defined and limited by genres. We were very curious what artists with approaches very different from ours would do with our music. We have a playlist with some of our favorite music that we play to the audience before our shows, with music from Cocteau Twins, Serpentwithfeet, Nico, Oranssi Pazuzu, Bestial Mouths and many more. Our favorite Bestial Mouths track is ‘Heartless’. We’ll be touring with Necro Deathmort in March and so we thought it would be very cool if these 2 acts could remix our music. We’ve let them choose what songs to work on and the very exciting results are on the 7″.
Could you tell us about the choice of donating all the EP’s proceeds to the preservation efforts of the endangered white-backed vulture in Africa. 
We’re releasing the EP through Oaken Palace Records, a label from the UK that donates all proceeds from their releases to organizations that work on the preservation of endangered species. We’re very serious about animal welfare. Thomas worked for the amazing Party for the Animals, a Dutch political party with currently 5 seats in parliaments that strives for compassion and sustainability. But animal welfare means a lot to us all. In our personal lives we do our best to be very conscious about our environment and as a band, we’ve obviously shown our socio-critical side, but we’ve never focused on animal welfare before. So it’s about time. The case of the white-backed vulture is a glaring example of what situation many species find themselves in now and how humanity deals with them and their habitats. The once big and thriving population of white-backed vulture has been sacrificed on the altar of the economy. Agricultural pesticides and ever diminishing habitats have made life for this beautiful animal practically impossible, seriously threatening the white-backed vulture with extinction. And sadly many other species are in similar situations right now, just because we all can’t control our greed.

You have “You Too Must Die” tour starting shortly, will this be the final run of dates before working on a new LP or is there more touring being planned for 2018?
We’ll be doing a headline ‘You Too Must Die’ tour in February through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. Then in March we’ll go on tour with Necro Deathmort through the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. That will be the final run we’ll do before focusing on writing and recording for the next album, which will be very exciting!!
Here, for your listening and view pleasure, is “White Noise”, remixed by Necro Deathmort.

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