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Exclusive: Premiering “Smile” from Sedation by Rotting Sky

Sedation by Rotting Sky met the fate of too many underground albums: it was released in 2014 on Grimoire Cassette Cvlture just before the label passed into the hereafter and disappeared from circulation. Since that time, the sweeping dirge that is Sedation has been just a beautiful rumour. But now Sentient Ruin Laboratories have stepped up to breathe life into it once more. On February 9, the album will return on cassette, and for the first time in vinyl and digital versions.

The man behind Rotting Sky is Timm Messing, known primarily as the guitarist for crust-punk standard-bearers Nux Vomica. Rotting Sky is a more personal and introspective project, one that he has worked on since 2007. Its sound sits perfectly balanced between black metal and noise on this thick, sedimentary rock of an album. It’s possessed of a frenetic energy that has worked itself to the point of stasis. There is no peace in its depths.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories have provided us (and therefore you) with an exclusive look at “Smile”, a darkly humorous title if ever there was one.



Anderson Cook’s bleak monochrome abstraction cover art gives a perfect visual for contemplation while taking in the album.

Sedation is available now for pre-order through Sentient Ruin’s website and Bandcamp page. Along with the vinyl, cassette and digital versions, the Bandcamp page also has a very exclusive treat for collectors: test copies of both the vinyl and cassette. The vinyl version will also be available in all its marbled glory from Wooaaargh in Europe and Black Horizons in the United States.

Sentient Ruin | Bandcamp