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Exclusive: The New Video from JFK, “Nameless”

Anthony DiFranco is perhaps best known for his work with the seminal power electronics band Ramleh, but running parallel to that has been his solo project JFK. A mix of pummeling, raw rhythmic dissonance and charred post-psychedelia layered with industrial grime and grind, JFK’s music has featured on the rosters of labels like Broken Flag, Chondritic Sound, Peripheral and  Harbinger.

Weapon Design will be released on Fourth Dimension Records, who’ve brought us releases by the likes of Kleistwahr and Splintered. It’s a reflection on the aesthetics of the tools of war, the contrast between the sleek and beautiful machines and their terrifying uses. As the label describes it:

“The machinations of the Military Industrial Complex are rife with obfuscated sexual impulses and pseudo erotic gestures.”

Although Weapon Design won’t arrive until March (exact date to be confirmed), we have a special preview in the form of the video for “Nameless”, made by DFM of F Squared Media. Like the album, it captures something of the “terrible beauty” of wartime, its technology and battered humanity.

The album is a vinyl release in a limited edition of 300 copies, and is available for pre-order now, through the Fourth Dimension shop. (In other words, don’t count on there being copies available by the time of the official launch.) Those who order early (before the final release date is announced) get a special price and a download code for a digital copy.

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