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Jonathan of Skincage talks Lovecraftian Folk Noise, circuit bending, film scoring, Maschinenfest, writing and podcasting, and an on-air live performance. His next performance is Saturday October 21st in Tucson, AZ at the EXPLODED VIEW Gallery/Microcinema, details available at the Facebook event page.

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Find the latest release, Unimagined Space, at the Annihilvs Power Electronix Bandcamp page.

“… a purveyor of a unique brand of darkly ambient experimental soundtracks, often employing amplified found objects and handmade electro-acoustic instruments to construct epic pieces of bone-chilling bleakness. Following 2000’s AXON, the amazing debut album on MALIGNANT RECORDS’ MALIGNANT ANTIBODY imprint, SKINCAGE sank further into obscurity until returning, seven years later, with the brilliant THINGS FALL APART, which was initially self-released and then reissued on Belgian label SPECTRE.”

Now SKINCAGE returns, with a release both inspired by and dedicated to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, available in a 4-panel Digipak CD-R edition, with a 4-panel insert.

Gaze through the window into a obscured mirror world, where flying creatures screech and squawk, held at bay only by the frantic sounds emanating from a lonely room in the attic.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Digipak artwork by André Coelho (SEKTOR 304).
Booklet art by Josh Yelle (KINTAAN)

Includes unlimited streaming of UNIMAGINED SPACE via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Past and future Skincage releases are available at skincage.bandcamp.com.

Jonathan Skincage

Find Jonathan Ray’s writings, upcoming book, and podcast at apocalypsefatigue.org.

From the Apocalypse Fatigue podcast description:

What we call the news is full of fear porn and hate bait. The real stories are often untold. The corporate media serves itself. These benevolent distractions and uncommon interviews are for you. As you get nudged to remember who you are and hear evidence of human goodness amidst tales of hidden horrors and everyday pain I hope you will be inspired to discover and nourish your own unique gifts. Be not afraid, the magic is in you!

The Resurrectionist (2002): The Resurrectionist is a horror western chronicling the exploits of grave robber Ezekiel Sutter as he delves into a mystery that threatens his very soul.

For more of The Forest Passage check out Raul A.’s interview with Lee of Annihilvs Power Electronix.