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You’ll Find Us Shivering in Delay, Feedback, and Reverb Under the Shadow of Ekin Fil’s ‎”Ghosts Inside”

by Angel S.

Ekin Fil is a name that many of my friends who have played in Turkey or are closer to the underground scene of Istanbul have been mentioning quite a few times as of late. This, combined with the fact that her music once again found a home in the Helen Scarsdale Agency, really stoked my curiosity. With a strong back catalogue of records for Students of Decay, Root Strata, and Sacred Phrases, Ekin Fil is far from being a newcomer on the drone ambient scene. Her latest LP, Ghosts Inside, is far from being a surprise and is instead a continuation of her artistic growth.

As we know all too well, all members of the Helen Scarsdale Agency roster like to destroy sound and offer us its shattered and captivating remains. The music on Ghosts Inside is not an exception. Its deconstruction in this album, however, is on a compositional level. Ekin Üzeltüzenci is continuing what she started with her previous LP on label. Her music is getting more fragmentary, drawing further from her early free-form ambient works towards more melody-based pieces. Before, her music was based around overall open ambiance, where you could get lost. Now it’s about the silence between the chords and the blurry vocals. It’s exactly there where you’ll find all the details that make this album complex and challenging. It’s where the cold is hiding.

Ekin Fil

Ghosts Inside justifies its name perfectly. The broken singer-songwriter pieces are heavy like the emotional burden which charged and inspired the album. Track after track, the music gets lighter, more open, and increasingly transparent. If the opener, ‘Let Go’, reeks of soil and darkness, it’s maybe around ‘Simple Past’ where we start seeing the light of day. ‘Final Cut’ rumbles with the discovery of both a new self and a new life. Ghosts Inside reaches its absolute peak on the closing piece, ‘Silent-Alive’. However, you can only sense this buildup if exposed to the LP in its entirety. Ekin Fil takes her time on Ghosts Inside. The record might be a bit less than forty minutes, but the clock feels frozen in time. Cleansing one’s self and letting go takes time, and we gladly joined in with this process. Here, on Ghosts Inside, you’ll find us shivering in delay, feedback, and reverb until the light drag us out again.

The Helen Scarsdale Agency