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“Man Tänker Sitt” Sees Posh Isolation’s Erik Enocksson Impressively Taking Soundtrack Work to the Live Arena

by Angel S.

Honestly, I’ve been sitting on this review for way too long. I played this cassette for months and months, and every single time I attempted to sit down to write about it, it felt more difficult. Erik Enocksson is no stranger to the Posh Isolation family, being a part of the noise ‘supergroup’ Body Sculptures. However, this record is his first solo work on the imprint, and the only thing I’m hoping for is more and more people to reach this amazing record.

Man Tänker Sitt is an enchanting soundtrack work, written by Enocksson for the Swedish movie from which the album takes its namesake. What we have here is a live performance of the music with Copenhagen’s Tritonus Choir and organist Jóhann Jóhannsson. Recorded with only a single handheld recorder and released as this small tape run, Man Tänker Sitt is a small and intimate documentation of what sounds like a very emotional and sincere performance.

Erik Enocksson

Music-wise, being a program consisting of soundtrack pieces, Man Tänker Sitt often feels fragmentary, hypnotic, and repetitive. Its power lies in simplicity and minimalism. At its core, the album has been stripped of any pretentiousness and written to fulfill the only thing we want music to do:  take us somewhere better. However, Man Tänker Sitt is not a record that is so abstract that it appears detached from reality. The immense power of the organ and the sincerity of human voices are as real as they get. These elements serve as nothing but a reminder that our world hides a lot of beauty, even among the representatives of our often corrupt species. It is within these moments and acts of creation that we should fight to discover, protect, and spread around.

On Man Tänker Sitt, you will often hear the audience, the ambiance of the space itself with its majestic reverb. It’s a bold statement, but with where looking up to everything John Cage left us, I’d say that without this organic and real-life atmospheric layer, Man Tänker Sitt wouldn’t be as touching as it is in its final incarnation. Big ups to whoever decided to keep it like that because most of us surely weren’t at Helligkorskirke in Copenhagen when Man Tänker Sitt was performed and recorded, but now it almost feels as if we actually were.

Posh Isolation