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Exclusive: See the New Video from Trepaneringsritualen, “Death Worship”

We stare into the radiant light, and stumble blind and mad into the moonless night. We bow not our heads, nor do we ask for mercy.

The world is agony.

This is a journey of pain, ecstasy, and death. We do not seek companionship, because this prison of flesh is a solipsism. We straddle the balancing point between light and darkness, love and hate, life and death. We hide our countenance to reveal the hidden faces of the gods.

Eternity is but an instant.

We hang ourself from trees and crosses. We bleed and suffer. All in roaring silence.

From the deepest, darkest crevices of the post-industrial landscape, Trepaneringsritualen has amassed a cult following of lost souls. Thomas Martin Ekelund’s style is unmistakable, despite its impressive diversity. The connective tissue between his releases is thematic as much as sonic: each one is an examination of the profound and the mythical from a new perspective.

Yours is a Kingdom of Death, out now on Old Europa Café, is actually a combination of two earlier releases: the first three tracks from a split with Body Cargo released last year on Autarkeia and an 18-minute opus from 2013’s split with  Deathstench on Malignant Records. Yours is a Kingdom of Death is the first opportunity to hear them as a complete work, as originally intended.

We’re thrilled to be able to give you a first look at “Death Worship”, the new video from the album.

The video is the first collaboration between the artist and DFM of F Squared Media, the man behind some of the most iconic post-industrial visuals of the last few years. Its ghostly imagery connects well with the orphic passion of Trepaneringsritualen.

Yours is a Kingdom of Death is available now on CD from Old Europa Café, and will be followed by a limited (300 copies only!) vinyl version in the autumn. Pre-ordering for the vinyl copies starts later this month, and will undoubtedly sell out before the first ship date. It’s mastered by none other than Nordvargr, as if any further persuasion was needed.

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