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Exclusive: See ‘Den Stora Tystnaden’ the New Video by Grift

Grift began as a duo in 2011, with Erik Gärdefors on vocals and strings, and J. Hallbäck handling the drums. The band recorded what would become Fyra Elegier over the course of just a few evenings; such was the intensity of their inspiration. Nor was there any lack of excitement from others about their recordings. The Swedish label Nordvis Produktion released the material as a mini CD in 2013, and later the same year, Blut und Eisen released it as a mini LP. Grift delivered raw but melodic music in a new, but still built upon a tradition established by the likes of Johannes Edfelt, Pär Lagerkvist and Dan Andersson.

By the time the band’s second album Syner was released in 2015, Grift was Gärdefors’ solo project, albeit one that included a bevy of notable guest appearances.

This September, Nordvis presents the third Grift album, Arvet, a title that translates as “the heritage”. On his choice of album name, the artist says “What we inherit is something we are constantly affected by, and it has its positive and negative sides.”

As with SynerArvet features appearances from other well-known artists, and is produced by two of the members of Drudkh. We have a look at what you can expect today, with the video for “Den Stora Tystnaden” (“the great silence”)

Arvet will be available September 8th, through Nordvis.

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