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Exclusive: Kevin Gan Yuen’s “Uncloaked Infinite” Will Set Darkness to Descend, and We’re Lifting the Veil

Easily among the American Midwest’s most critical contemporary post-industrial labels, Utech Records is slated to drop something extraordinarily special next month when Kevin Gan Yuen, known for his masterclass psych-drone rituals in Sutekh Hexen, sheds his earthly familiars in order to birth his debut solo album, Uncloaked Infinite.  The title itself should leave no illusions as to the thematic direction he is taking with this offering, but while Sutekh Hexen’s vivid creations have already brought us to the brink of experimental music’s darkest corners (seek out Monument of Decay, Shadows, or the powerful collaboration with avant-garde legend Andrew Liles in Breed in Me the Darkness), Yuen’s solo output will enter a near spiritual dance with the void.  Utech Records muses:

Kevin Gan Yuen

“This focused body of work examines the concept of the transitory in nature. Throughout the work, the cycles of life/death/rebirth shapeshift, arcing into alternative frameworks and  branching toward both rift and sky. A document of the losses and victories of a personal era,  the album faces the passage of life and seeks to distill it to blistering radiance. It contemplates and reimagines mortality. To wonder, to wander, and to renew is fundamental to the Uncloaked Infinite.”

The publication of this article will signify the beginning of the preorder phase for this new release, which you can find by visiting the official release page for Uncloaked Infinite.  The album will be issued as a 10″ LP and a cassette, and the first 25 purchasers to take advantage of the vinyl preorder will receive a free tape version.  Uncloaked Infinite will be unleashed in its fullest capacity on June 9th, but in the meantime, please enjoy this exclusive full stream:

Utech Records | Viraloptic