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Exclusive: Hear the new Nordvargr and Dødsmaskin Track from the Kalpamantra/ Malignant Records Compilation “Recrudescence”

For the sixth consecutive year, Kalpamantra and Malignant Records have teamed up to produce a massive compilation of industrial and dark ambient artists. This year’s release is called Recrudescence, and features a stellar line up of Malignant artists past and present. There are contributions from the likes of Gnawed, Theologian, Blitzkrieg Baby, Kristoffer Oustad, Of Earth and SunConcrete Mascara and many others. There are no less than forty tracks on this digital only release, which makes for hours of sound to soothe your weltschmerz and scare your neighbours.

We’re lucky enough to have one of the tracks to share with you exclusively on this site: “Djevelhorer” by Nordvargr and Dødsmaskin. This is a mesmerizing collaboration from one of the idols of industrial and one of its newest and most intriguing artists. (Dødsmaskin, whose name translates as “death machine”, had their debut album released on Malignant Records earlier this year.) Creepy, sepulchral atmospherics, grating washes of noise, gasoline-gargling vocals and swelling intensity, this checks all the boxes for fans of the genre, and this is only 2.5% of what you get when you buy the compilation!

Recrudescence is available for pre-order at the Kalpamantra Bandcamp site. The official release date is June 16th.

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