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An Exclusive Look at the New Video from Theme- “Cut Wide Open”

Since Theme’s 2014 LP, No Emotions Catered For, (released on Idioblast), the band’s core duo of Stuart Carter and Richard Johnson took a step back for to focus on other activities (music and beyond), before returning to begin working on ideas for their next recordings in 2015. From late 2016 and spring 2017 the band developed these ideas into new approach that saw Theme stripped down to its sonic core, a surprising departure and a much more direct approach to music.

Their forthcoming releases combine a raw and distorted often rhythmic electronic sound with the occasional acoustic flourish, to complement what can best be described as a kind of cut-up and ravaged poetry centred on observations of the current state of the world. As might be expected from a pair whose individual pasts include Splintered, Heroin, The Fields of Hay and more, these observation are laced with discontent that rises to anger, with an omnipresent undercurrent of desperation.

2017 will see two versions of Theme’s new album Sacral Blood Warning, both joint-released by Lumberton Trading Company and Idioblast. The first is a 4-track cassette in an “ultra-limited” edition. As a preview of coming attractions, we have the video for the lead-off track “Cut Wide Open” to share today. The track title is actually an apt description of the band’s new direction: slice through the passages of sound to the bare heart.

The video is the work (as many these days seem to be) of DFM with F Squared Media, and marks the first time that he and Theme have collaborated.

Sacral Blood Warning arrives in June and will be accompanied by a special booklet exclusive to the release.

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