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Exclusive: Get a Preview of Verhalten’s Forthcoming Debut Album

Patrick Scott started Verhalten as a noisy outlet project between releases and tours under his synth-wave pseudonym, Unur and running the Modern Tapes music label. Now the project has grown into its own experimental entity, known for its unpredictable live performances.

Scott’s time on the road as a sound engineer for the likes of Grimes and Sleigh Bells, along with live performances for two acts, limited his time to record new music. Realizing this, he set up a studio in Albuquerque to focus on creating new music for Verhalten. Forgiveness is the result of that time inspired by the desert and desolation that surrounded him, with an organic spine supporting the flesh and fascia of industrial drones and machine rhythms. Its bleak, greyscale forms funnel the listener towards the ultimate message: “the future is ending.”

Forgiveness launches officially on April 1, but we have a special preview for you today with the track “The Hanged Man”. It’s at once shivery with nerves and hypnotic with its swells of noise, and a most intriguing sign of what we can expect.

The album is available for pre-order now through the Modern Tapes Bandcamp page. You have your choice of cassette, vinyl or digital format. Already, there is only one of the cassettes remaining, though, and the vinyl is limited to 100 copies. Waiting until the release date to order is a decidedly risky proposition.

Now that he’s completed a cycle of recording, Patrick Scott is once again hitting the road. He’s already played shows across Europe and in the United States this year, but you can catch the final shows of the tour in the following locations:

3/20/17 Chicago, Il- TBC

3/31/17 Los Angeles, Ca- venue TBC

4/1/17 Oakland, Ca- @ Night Light (obscura machina party)

Artist photo taken by Sarah Roer, copyright reserved.

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