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Exclusive: See the New Video from Thomas Nola and Celebrate Two New Albums from Disques du Lapin

Thomas Nola: After Horse

Any releases that come from Thomas Nola and his Disques de Lapin label are going to be interesting and enchanting by their nature. There are few artists active now who share his creative spark and eagerness to defy musical convention. That said, one of the few artists who does share those qualities is O Paradis, the long-standing project of Catalonian troubadour Demian Recio. So it’s a bloody exciting turn of events that last week saw the release of new albums from both artists on Disques de Lapin.

To celebrate, we have the world premiere of Thomas Nola’s new video, “Only Old World”, taken from After Horse. Described by the artist as his “sparsest, most organic album to date”, After Horse is a combination of the acoustic instrumentation that has often featured in his work- cello, piano, classical guitar- with singing drums, harp, brass and even bagpipes. These sounds were recorded and processed through digital multitracking, analogue reel-to-reel machines and cassette collage.

But don’t just take our word for it. Enjoy for yourself:

Thomas Nöla – “Only Old World” from Eskimo Lapin on Vimeo.

You can also enjoy the video for the song “Anomie” right here.

O Paradis continues to break new ground with Maia Convoy, taking the poignant melodies that have always been the hallmark of his sound and expanding them in unexpected ways. The artist describes the album with this cryptic, intriguing quote:

The rooks, do not leave their flight to chance, but we can not decipher that omen. Any repentance or aspiration is already useless. Just sit in a wagon of the “Maya Convoy” and let yourself be observed for eternity on the other side of the window. We have failed in the existential quest, but it was precious to ask the question. Once again, Ô Paradis, invites you to travel through the uncertainty of this mystery, which is amazing to contemplate being alive.

Here is the (previously released) video for “El Viejo Cuero” to give you a taste of this beauty:

Both albums are available now in CD and digital format at the Eskimo Films website and through their European sister site, EuroLapin.

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