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Age Coin’s “Performance” Walks Blindly into the Depths of Posh Isolation with a Disparate Breed of Techno

Abstract techno duo Age Coin are back on Posh Isolation. After three previous tapes on the Danish imprint, Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann, who are both most known for their work in the now-defunct post-punk outfit Lower but also linked to projects like Vår, Marching Church, Yen Towers, and many more, are now presenting their first Posh Isolation record.

Performance is a lesson in minimal electronic music, but minimal here stands for an ultimate precision in picking the right sounds, structuring them in pieces, and then arranging the album in a way that keeps the listener always challenged. Dominantly rhythm-driven, the album does however expose its listeners to a cohesive mixture of musical elements from a wide range of electronic genres. Only its cold and somewhat distant vibe is constant, but that’s something you will probably always expect from anything that Posh Isolation has released.

Age Coin

Performance also indulges in thick beats with heavy dub basslines (see ‘Esprit’, ‘Headron’, and ‘Monday’ for a number of prominent examples) and pays its dues to almost academic electro-acoustic music (‘Domestic I’). Yet, most of the time, the music on the album simply goes wherever it wants. There’s this slight feeling of upcoming and imminent disintegration in the first half of the record, and somewhere around the track ‘Damp’, it really feels like Forman and Emdal are on a mission to completely disfigure their music only to rebuild it again.

The further you go into the record, the more free the pieces become and the more we get a grasp of the real sound the duo has been after. Tracks like ‘Domestic II’ and ‘Protein’ bring this disintegration to its climax, but the closing piece manages to once again bring every track on the album back into a cohesive whole and kick us out of the record the same way we entered it—accompanied by massive dub bass lines and the hostile but tamed voices of Age Coin’s heavy machinery.

Track List:

A1) Esprit
A2) Domestic I
A3) Monday
A4) Protein
B1) Raptor
B2) Damp
B3) Domestic II
B4) Headron

Written by: Angel S.
Label: Posh Isolation (Denmark) / posh 186 / 12” LP
Ambient / Techno / Experimental