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Steve Roach’s Classic ‘Empetus’ is Back in Print With a Free Download

The 30th anniversary edition. Steve Roach’s electronic classic is back in print, reissued on CD in digipak with original artwork.

‘Roach’s 5th solo album features sophisticated, energetic sequencer music, similar to his earlier Now and Traveler, ending with a haunting, melodic piece, “The Memory,” more akin to his floating ambient work of the period.

Empetus’ full blown sequencer-based music illustrating a further evolution in the visceral side of Roach’s music. Nine precise pieces that still sound fresh today. A favorite of sequencer music lovers.’

To celebrate, the Empetus CD is on sale for $10! At Projekt’s Bandcamp page grab the deluxe digital download for name-your-price.  Special prices extended through Saturday February 4. The download includes The Early Years rarities tracks.

Steve Roach : Spiral Revelation

The sound of life, interconnected and unfurling

The spiral – a visual symbol of eternity – is a reoccuring metaphoric theme in Steve Roach’s pioneering electronic work. Interpreted into musical form, these six spiraling sonic experiences offer a living activation that connects with a sense of the infinite. Roach’s long history and love of analog sequencer-based styles reveal a continuing, evolving awakening within Spiral Revelation’s 63 minutes.

Using only analog and hardware instruments to focus the mind’s ear upon a filigree of intricate patterns woven with a direct hands-on approach, the artist sculpts and caresses sound into being in real time. An emotional through-line brings life to these pieces as the unfurling of time’s windings connects to the vivid present, life-affirming and illuminated. A masterful expression of an artist who has infused his soul into the art form of electronic music.

Steve’s new album is now available in retail stores, at Amazon, and at iTunes. It is also available from Projekt’s webstore, Projekt’s Bandcamp download & streaming page, and 24/98 high definition studio masters at Spotted Peccary.

Projekt invites those who have enjoyed Spiral Revelation to submit a review at Amazon. This gets the word out to potential fans who aren’t here on the elist. Your listener-directed support is appreciated.



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