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Hypnopazūzu & C93 and Some Thoughts on Scribbled Origins

The online shop at DavidTibet.com is now open again, though there are very limited numbers remaining of most of the items available there. More items will be added over the coming months, and restocking other items, such as the set of 5 iconic C93 badges.

Hypnopazūzu Headline The Balver Höhle Prophecy Fest in Germany on Saturday 29 July 

Hypnopazūzu are SkippingOverMoon and TrippingUnderGround to announce that WeWeWe headline the Prophecy Fest 2017 in the beautiful and subterranean Balver Höhle in Germany on Saturday 29 July.

See you in the CaveCaveCave, and thank you to Irrwisch, whose website is here and who is on Facebook, for his lovely artwork. Tickets are available here.

C93: Lathe-cut Vinyl Rechannelling Begins For The Entire C93 Catalogue in Chronological Order 

David Tibet is working with The Bricoleur (Bladud Flies!) on a project to reissue the entire back catalogue of C93 as lathe-cut UtterEditions. The (lovely) Bricoleur is in the process of remastering every album and mini-album by C93—as well as other items connected to the continued presence at the Apocalypse Drag PickNick. How to reissue the 12” singles has not been decided , but they will also appear!

The vinyl for each single album will contain 2 lathe-cut records, with the music on sides 1 and 3, and silk-screened images and text on sides 2 and 4. The records will be housed in an elaborate silk-screened gatefold sleeve, which itself will be placed inside a hand-made linen bag with ties to close it, and with silk-screened text and images on the bag relating to the specific album it holds. Each album will also come with a signed and numbered silk-screened insert.

So, for example, Nature Unveiled  will contain 2 lathe-cut 12” records. The first record will feature “Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead)” on side 1, with side 2 having no music but instead a silk-screened image. The second record will contain “The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (The Great In The Small)” on side 1, and will carry a different silk-screened image on side 2. The first two releases will be Nature Unveiled and Dogs Blood Rising. These two titles are expected to be ready in April 2017.  They will be added to the shop once received.

C93 Thunder Perfect Mind Vinyl Reissue: A Small Update & Request For a Scan of His Painting

 C93’s Thunder Perfect Mind has been remastered by The Bricoleur (Bladud Flies!) and the test-pressings have been approved by David and Michael Cashmore. They sound as fresh as Seth.

Some time ago, a kind gentleman contacted me saying he had acquired the painting I had made which is reproduced on the back of the album’s sleeve. He had received it from a dear American friend of mine, to whom I had given it many years ago. But I can’t remember the name of the man who has the painting. If he reads this, can he contact me though my website, as I am hoping to get a scan of it. Thank you!

There will be more news soon on the album’s release and the special edition of it, signed by Michael Cashmore and David, which also will come with a lathe-cut 12” of an unreleased version of They Return To Their Earth.

PDF of David Tibet’s ‘Sing Omega‘ Soon to be Available as a Free Download 

Current 93 has made available for free download a PDF of Sing Omega, David’s book of collected lyrics. It includes a very slightly updated introduction and a new frontispiece. The frontispiece photograph as well as the colour of the book cover will change from time to time. Please keep checking DavidTibet.com, his Academia site, and the official C93, Myrninerest, Hypnopazūzu and David Michael Tibet FcBk pages which is where its sidereal publication will be announced.

C93 Her Ghost Sings Spheres – Sleep Has Her House Update 

This album is still in the process of being recorded. As you may know, all copies of the two editions sold out on pre-order. Initially this album was to be released in the Spring but, at the time of this writing this cannot be guaranteed.

Should anyone like a refund please let the label know and they will refund you immediately.

Free House of Mythology Download Including Hypnopazūzu Singsong 

House Of Mythology have made available a compilation album of songs of sounds from their label, including Hypnopazūzu , for free download. David was happy to provide the Sahidic Coptic text on the cover, which could be translated as “Be well in the Lord” and is a standard greeting in Coptic letters. The sleeve itself was beautifully designed by our sweet friend Paschalis Zervas, whose wonderful work can be found on Facebook and wolframgrafik.com. DL Link

HoM’s press release says:

Dear friends of House, we figured it would be nice to sum up our first year with a free Bandcamp download showcasing our releases so far. The compilation can be downloaded here

All you need to do is enter £0.00 with your email address and it’s good to go. Feel free to share with all and everyone and enjoy!




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