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AutopsiA Thanatopolis Book: The Ultimate Survival Manual


About the book:

Thanatopolis is the first extended work in English on a complex and mystifying body of work, dating back to 1979. Now based in Prague, it is an obscure part of industrial culture, which has been the subject of increasing interest over the last decade. AutopsiA is a highly cryptic and esoteric project so far ignored in the histories of this period. It uses an extremely diverse range of musical, philosophical, theological, poetic, literary, ideological and artistic sources, from biblical quotations to dubstep.

The central theme this shadowy and shifting identity explores is death. Working in music, graphics, installations and film, AutopsiA intensively examines death as a cultural force that is increasingly repressed. Thanatopolis examines the key processes behind AutopsiA’s work and how it has often come to act as an uncanny commentary on future events. Thanatopolis explores the implications of its work appearing in 21st Century London, teetering on the brink of massive historical change and the attempted technological abolition of death.

From the publisher:

thanatopolis_bookThe mysterious project AutopsiA had its genesis in the alternative London culture of the late 1970s. At the start of the 1980s these London influences (Punk, early Industrial, radical conceptual art and more) were brought back to provincial Yugoslavia and blended with local cultural tendencies and histories, as well as other, unexpected sources such as post-structuralist philosophy and alchemy.

Always remaining in the shadows, AutopsiA operated from an historic provincial town, sending out cryptic communications in the form of graphics, cassettes, and even early computer art. Over the years AutopsiA’s practice grew to include installation, performance and film work, all marked by its distinctive combination of technological and mystical sources. AutopsiA (in)famously and repeatedly announced that “20th Century is Dead” and the tragic and mythomaniacal quality of the work it produced in the late 1980s, bore witness to the death of modernity in Yugoslavia and its fall into pre-modern darkness.

Following the outbreak of war in Yugoslavia, AutopsiA relocated to Prague,where it has remained since, drawing fresh inspiration from the city’s rich esoteric histories. During the 1990s a series of complex and richly orchestrated music releases were issued, gaining great respect among those exposed to them. In recent years it has returned to the galleries and to live performances, appearing in Leipzig, Prague, Novi Sad, Belgrade and Split.



Author: Alexei Monroe
Artist: Autopsia
Publisher: Divus
Format: Paperback
Size: 16 x 24 x 1,5 cm, Weight: 600 g
Page Extent: 112
ISBN: 978-80-86450-91-9

Limited edition on fine art paper with reproductions of Autopsia‘s artworks and graphics printed in exceptional duotone shades.
Book + postcard + silkscreen poster B3

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