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The Forest Passage 20: Napoleonic Synths

The Forest Passage 20 Featured


We discuss the latest release from OSTARA, GOST and the upcoming PERTURBATOR tour, dungeon synth from Рабор (RABOR), the long-awaited Greek Black Metal release from AGATUS, and blackened-synth-death from LAMENT CITYSCAPE + THEOLOGIAN. We also contacted several DANNY HYDE contest winners: Adam Czarnecki, Christopher Ashbrook & Stanley Kindly. Check your Facebook message requests to make sure you don’t miss out. We’re also experimenting with moving to SoundCloud, as we’ve experienced some quality issues when uploading directly to WordPress.


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Episode notes:

“Napoleonic Blues” Proves that Ostara’s Shadow Still Lingers as Dark and Erudite as Ever

Piarevaracien’s “Spadčyna” Invokes the Belarusian Volksgeist for a Traditional Folk Epic

Reign in Hell: An Interview with Gost by Reverend Raul Antony

Now Streaming: Lament Cityscape + Theologian Cover Godflesh’s Masterpiece ‘Merciless’