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Exclusive: Two New Acoustic Tracks from Grift

With strong ties to predominantly Swedish poets and artists, Grift seek to convey the sense of melancholy and existential questions that artists and thinkers throughout history always have felt a strong need to express. The band started as a duo in 2011, with Erik Gärdefors performing vocals and strings, and J. Hallbäck on the drums. Their gothic wall of sound is influenced equally by nordic black metal and the poetry of masters like Johannes Edfelt, Pär Lagerkvist and Dan Andersson.

It wasn’t until 2015, after the band became the project of Gärdefors alone, that their first album Syner was ushered into the world. And while we’re still waiting for a record of all-new material, we are very excited to share two all-new versions of Grift tracks. These sparse acoustic recordings may come as a shock to some, but the poignant nordic air that permeates all Grift’s music flows through these as well.

Originally available as part of a cassette compilation with Mosaic, Farsot and Vivus Humare, sold exclusively at their show in Gotha on November 4 of this year, these two tracks offer an opportunity to experience a different side of the band. Here they are, with the commentary from the artist on the inspiration for each.

“This is the very first song I wrote for Grift and it’s the first song that ever was made public. When I wrote the song, I was very influenced by Johannes Edfeldt’s poetry and rhymes. I wrote the music on acoustic guitar and wanted it to sound like a dark ballad. Therefore, I think the song also fits to be performed in a more stripped-down way.”

“When I wrote this song I had read an essay about “Svältbygden” (“famine land”) in Västergötland, the county I come from. The land was barren and only consisted by poor soil that was difficult for the farmers to cultivate.
“I began to fantasize about how it was to live there in the past, how the rugged landscape must have affected peoples minds. Everything was in someone else’s hands – hands belonging to forces beyond the mundane everyday life. The music had to be monotonous; almost trancelike.”

Both of these songs were recorded during the full moon of October 16, 2016.
The cassette on which they appeared originally has long since been sold out, but the two Grift tracks are available as a digital download through the band’s Bandcamp page.


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