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Exclusive: Premiering 'The Fyre-Bough' from the Debut Album by Wolcensmen

Wolcensmen: Songs from the Fyrgen

Wolcensmen: Songs from the Fyrgen

As those in the northern hemisphere creep from the final harvest of Samhain to the longest night of Yule, what better accompaniment could we ask than a lyrical and inspiriting work that draws on the pagan traditions of northern Europe? Songs from the Fyrgen, the debut album from Wolcensmen, is that perfect accompaniment.

Wolcensmen is the heathen folk project brought into being by Dan Capp, who has previously shown himself to be an expert on music and culture through the work he’s done for us here on Heathen Harvest. Known for his role in Winterfylleth and as a designer of album art and logos, Dan finally gave motion to his solitary musical vision in 2013 with a three-track demo. Self-recorded and initially self-released, the demo attracted attention among the underground and was re-released in cassette format by Deivlforst Records (Germany).

Both musically and thematically, Wolcensmen conjures a dark romanticism and atmosphere not dissimilar to that black metal invoked in the ’90s, though within the less abrasive vessel of neo-classical dark folk music. Of equal influence are acts peripheral to black metal, such as the acoustic and synth-based deviations of Ulver, Empyrium, Wongraven, and Opeth. The lyrics are explicitly Heathen in nature, presenting English and Teutonic concepts of mythology, identity and worship in a manner which seeks to connect with modern man.

We have an advance taste of what you can expect from the full album, which will be available only at the end of the month. Allow yourself to be enveloped in ‘The Fyre-Bough’.

This album is a debut several years in the making – an acorn that eventually found its clearing. Featuring performances and contributions by notable musicians from around the World— Grimrik (Germany), Jake Rogers (USA), Nash Rothanburg (Norway), Dries Gaerdelen (Belgium), Raphael Weinroth-Browne (Canada) and Mark Capp (England)— Songs from the Fyrgen serves as both a musical platform and as the passion of an individual.

Deivlforst Records will unleash this formidable work on digipack CD and as digital download on the 30th of November. Each CD will be hand-numbered and the release is limited to 500 copies.


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