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Exclusive: Premiering the New Video from Oureboros "Embers"


Oureboros: Mysterium Tremendum

This week sees the release of Mysterium Tremendum, the second album from Oureboros on ant-zenRich Oddie (better known as one-half of Orphx) and Aron West (Tropism, and who has also been an Orphx member), together the creative core of the band, chose the album’s title, which means ‘the secret that releases dread and tremor’, because of its allusion to an encounter with ‘the divine’ that is overwhelming, even frightening. The phrase has a special meaning for them because of their own personal experiences with such encounters and the music they have created takes inspiration from the places where those encounters occurred: the Scottish highlands, the Californian desert, and the forests of Ontario.

Most of the tracks were first conceived in Canada, some even dating as far back as the birth of the Oureboros project in 2006. Others started as collaborations between Oddie and Norman Shaw, a sound and visual artist from Scotland, who joined Oureboros for this album, and who also contributed the stunning cover art. Paul Hogeterp, who contributed to the first album, returns here with work on lap steel guitar and violin.

As with the first Oureboros release, Dreaming in Earth, Dissolving in Light, all of the tracks were improvised and then edited into their final form. Mysterium Tremendum reveals a more percussive side of the project, harkening back to the artists’ industrial and metal influences. As a preview of what you can expect, we have for you the premiere of “Embers”, the album’s closing track.

The video comes from the mind of DFM, who has worked with Rich Oddie many times in the past, and felt a particular connection with this song.

Mysterium Tremendum is officially released on October 28th, but is available for pre-order now through the ant-zen website and Bandcamp page.

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