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Exclusive: Premiering the Video “Cancer Maiden” from Steel Hook Prostheses

Steel Hook Prostheses: Calm Morbidity

Steel Hook Prostheses: Calm Morbidity

The Texan duo Steel Hook Prostheses have been creating their distinctive sonic maelström for fifteen years and their latest release serves as a reminder of why they continue to be one of the most formidable outfits in American death industrial. Their new album Calm Morbidity, is due out on Malignant Records at the end of the month, promising an expansion on what fans have come to treasure and expect: the same voluptuous swill of dark electronics, dehumanized vocals and spiritless rhythm, but carried on a current of what the label calls “dynamic, dark energy… that never fully existed before”.

In advance of the release, we have the world premiere of the video for “Cancer Maiden”, taken from the album. This marks the fifth time SHP have worked with filmmaker DFM and it’s clear that there continues to be a rich creative understanding between them.

Calm Morbidity is available for preorder now through the Malignant Records website and through their Bandcamp page.


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