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New from Annihilvs Power Electronix: Vvltvre's Long-Awaited "My Will is to Self-Destruct"

My Will is to Self-Destruct

My Will is to Self-Destruct

Annihilvs Power Electronix gives us a cutting reminder of projects that stopped releasing music, leaving us the poorer for it. Pippi Zornoza still records music as Rectrix, and continues to challenge the art world as a performer and visual artist and as the co-founder of the feminist art collective Dirt Palace. But sadly, her brutal post-doom incarnation, Vvltvre lives no more. Vvltvre was a collaboration between Zornoza and self-described “Estonian-American nihilist autodidact” Annapurna Himal von Wagner (core bassist of the goetic-theurgical murder jazz assault phenomenon known as Mating Dance) during a volcanic period of creativity and desperation.

Sadly, Vvltvre proved as unstable as it was uncompromising and had ceased to exist by the time they released their debut LP Hang Me on Corleone Records. A further EP My Will is to Self-Destruct was planned, but problems with finances and a break with the label saw it shelved indefinitely. Until now. As part of the ambitious Annihilvs 2016 launch schedule, My Will is to Self-Destruct will finally see the light as a pro-pressed digipak CDR. It’s mixed by mixed by Kris Lapke (Prurient, Alberich), and mastered by Ken “HiWatt” Marshall (Skinny Puppy) and was described by Aquarius Records as essential “for fans of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Khanate, Moss, Bunkur, Gnaw Their Tongues, Monarch, Wicked King Wicker, Wolf Eyes, Otesanek, Habsyll, Human Quena Orchestra and other purveyors of slow, low sonic sickness”.

Much of the album art is taken from the video for “My Psychic Abilities Have Become Grotesque”, directed by Dirt palace alum Xander Marro, which has been floating in the ether since 2012. Check it out:


It is freshly available via the Annihilvs Bandcamp page.