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Celebrate Crush The Desert's Fifth Anniversary With 'Ice Hike & Tales of the Old Wolf' From Pagan Folk Band Volkolak

Crush the Desert are celebrating five years of existence by presenting their latest release, to mark the occasion Crush the Desert are releasing ‘Ice Hike & Tales of the Old Wolf‘ on CD from the famous pagan folk band Volkolak from the Amur Region of Russia.


This is the European version of Ледяной поход и Сказки старого волка (Ice Hike & Tales of the Old Wolf) The tracks are the same as the album out on Yar’ Prods this past summer, but with different artwork and with all the songs on one CD (Russian version was released as a two-disc set).

Ice Hike & Tales of the Old Wolf‘ is available in a 3 panel digipack. Limited to 500.


Volkolak was formed in 1997 in Blagoveshchensk, their debut album titled ‘Подвиг Седого Короля‘ was released in two-thousand-and-two was well-received both by music critics and by fans.

In 2005, after the release of two albums, one of which was a split release, the band drastically changed their sound, it is particularly evident on the album ‘ Тёмный блеск чешуи’. recently their sound can best be described as pagan folk. The band has participated in many Russian music festivals and concerts, increasing its already huge army of fans.