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Exclusive: Premiering the New Video from Haus Am Rand

Haus Am Rand

Haus Am Rand

The name Haus Am Rand may not be familiar to many of you yet, but the man behind it likely is: Jan Carleklev has an enviable track record as a creative force in industrial music, through projects like Sanctum, Mago, Parca Pace and Azure Skies. Haus Am Rand is his latest incarnation, whose debut album Meel was released earlier this month on Ant-Zen. Described by the label as “raw poetry and beautiful madness”, it is as striking an introduction as we’ll see all year, a combination of carefully orchestrated electronics, oneiric melodies, and grit. Carleklev’s setup for Haus Am Rand is a surprisingly minimal one, but the subtleties and depth he is able to draw from relatively few instruments makes Meel an emotional statement of substance and grace.

Today, we’re able to present you with the video for “The Light of Other Days”, taken from Meel. The visuals come courtesy of DFM at F Squared Media and are wholly suited to the doleful, lonesome sounds of the song.

Haus Am Rand :: The Light of Other Days [Official Video] from F Squared Media on Vimeo.

Meel is available on CD or digital download (on multiple platforms) through Ant-Zen’s website.


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