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Exclusive! Premiering the New Video from Green Elder

Green Elder/ Pensive Ceremony

Green Elder/ Pensive Ceremony

Paul Ravenwood, the man behind the project Green Elder, is an artist work will appeal to those who love the ‘folk’ part of the neofolk genre, for certain. Whereas the genre’s most prominent artists tend to approach their work from a European base, Green Elder has its boots firmly planted on new world soil, channeling the history of Ravenwood’s beloved Appalachian home, its remoteness and deceptive quiet. A land of rolling mountains and coal mines, it has a rich tradition of music that reflects both its geography and its inhabitants, a tradition that flows into the present through the gentle, powerful music of Green Elder.

From the label:

…Green Elder tracks feature vocal melodies that are as soft as the falling of the first snow. The traditional Appalachian folk instruments used by Ravenwood tell the story of a life of hardships and triumphs as he lives his life in the mountains. With each lightly strummed chord you can feel the struggle and truth of generations of pioneers and blue-collar workers interwoven into each passage. Each track washes over the listener like cool mist, blanketing the trees high in the mountains. In accepting Green Elder’s musical journey, you can almost smell the rich earth and the sweet rain. You can feel the decomposition of the death that feeds the new life that springs forth.

The songs crafted by Green Elder were not simply put together from the study of song structure and instrumentation, but they are born through true awe in the serenity and reverence that is found when communing with the beauty of nature in the Appalachians. Green Elder is more than a pleasant listening experience; it is a call to leave the noise of technology and the artificial life of the city to retreat into the peace that only is found when completely embraced by one’s natural habitat.

Green Elder’s latest release is a split album with Pensive Ceremony, the new ritual folk project of Pythagumus Marshall (of Novemthree). It’s a stunning thing to behold, a 12″ vinyl LP, limited to 150 hand numbered copies, on translucent green and black marbled vinyl, housed in a double sided fold-over jacket and hand stamped inner sleeve, with cover artwork by Arrowyn Craban Lauer.

Although the album itself has been out since last month, we’re pleased to present the première of Green Elder’s video for the track “Wood and Stone” for you today, and it is a perfect complement to the music

The split album can be ordered here, while quantities last (and already very few remain). It can also be purchased for a special price with the 7″ Offering, or as a digital download.


Green Elder | Bandcamp

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