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The Forest Passage 19: Siberian Retro



After a hectic month of projects and work we return to talk about what we’ve been listening to and watching. Jesse discusses two Russian bands, Nordavind & Volkolak, while Raul takes it back to the neo-retro synthwave sounds of Perturbator, and industrial from JK Flesh & Aderlating. We also talk about the show Stranger Things, the 80’s throwback trend in culture, the new book power electronics book “Fight Your Own War”, and Jesse’s hatred of saxophones.

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Episode notes:

Nordavind by Люди На Холме (People On The Hill)

Ice Hike & Tales of the Old Wolf by VOLKOLAK

Diabolus Ex Machina – Interview with Perturbator (The Black Flame)

Perturbator Bandcamp

JK Flesh – Rise Above

Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture

New Material From Negură Bunget and Alcest, Pre-orders are Being Taken Now

Aderlating’s “Hell Follows” Will Paint Your World in the Bleakest Shades of Black