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Solar Drift – Dec15mber 003

Dec15mber 003

Dec15mber 003

A great charm of music is that it can be used to capture and preserve a state of mind, creating a reliable way to relive any feeling at the push of a button. Often this capability of music is directed toward generating feelings of mere aggression or sexual arousal. More enterprising musicians, however, pull rarer things from the infinitude of human experience and pin them down for us to enjoy.

It is just such a rare thing that Solar Drift has captured for their contribution to SadoDaMascus RecordsDec15mber series, somehow making a fragile sense of liminality into something concrete. The music moves slowly, but seems to change continuously. The lyrics, as minimal as they are, speak of hidden doors, hypnotic memories, dim lights, and burning moons. These lyrics are sung in a comfortable croon that is worked over with oddly timed pitch shifts, relayerings, and shots of echo that seem specifically designed to entrance.

Listening to this EP, start to finish, and under the right circumstances, could easily take a listener to that fragile psychic space between waking and sleep where dreams form and the mind is still present enough to remember them. But even without reaching for such effects, it’s enough to enjoy the flow of rich bass tones, weirdly designed electronic sounds, and devilish guitar licks that blend into a potent tonic for the imagination. It’s hard not to see things under the influence of this recording, which makes it a true fulfillment of the ambient genre’s potential as visionary music.

The release is available as a digital download and as a limited cassette. That there will only be twenty-five copies of this music available on a physical format is a bit regrettable because the cassette format actually makes Solar Drift even better, lending it some analog warmth and constraining the music in a way that makes it seem bigger, as if the music might fill infinite space if only it weren’t hemmed in by the limitations of magnetic tape.


Track List:

01) Pink at Dawn
02) Sun Reflection
03) Nightfall
04) Moonhaze
05) The Hidden Door

Written by: Matthew Carey
Label: SadoDaMascus Records (United States) / SDM-029 / Tape, Digital
Experimental / Dark Ambient / Space Ambient