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Exclusive: Premiering Two Tracks from 'Pestilence Beholden'- New from Gnawed

Pestilence Beholden

Pestilence Beholden

Seven years into his Gnawed project, Grant Richardson continues to offer a special sort of tense, boiling anger that has made him a favourite among power electronics and death industrial fans. Next week sees the release of his third CD, Pestilence Beholden on Malignant Records, and presents the artist in a somewhat different mood, drowning in a wine-dark ocean of polluted drones, punctuated with the rattle of old-school industrial metal percussion (think Einstürzende Neubauten, not Test Department).

Pestilence Beholden was recorded in various industrial complexes around Gnawed’s home town of Minneapolis, something which is clearly reflected in the frigid atmosphere that propels the album.

We’re very excited to have two exclusive tracks from this much-anticipated release for you today, “The Hand That Feeds” and “Nil but Rot (Negation is Purity)”:

Pestilence Beholden is available now for pre-order through the Malignant Records Bandcamp site and will be officially released (in both digital and CD format) on Monday, September 5th, just in time for you to spend Labour Day contemplating the endless cycle of work that crushes your spirit until you die.

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