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Exclusive: Premiering the New Video from Agakus, "Eat You"

Agakus: The Star's Fifth Point is Light

Agakus: The Star’s Fifth Point is Light

In a moment of inspiration, Sygil Records founder Adam (previously of OS, Charnel House, and more) had an idea for a project spearheaded by local Indiana bleak entity Agakus, and featuring a cast of like-minded luminaries from the Bloomington area. The result is The Star’s Fifth Point is Light, which will officially be available later today, on Auris Apothecary. More than a traditional label, AA has also become a host and promoter for events both musical and spiritual over the last three years. Lending his mastering talents to the proceedings is James Plotkin, long a significant figure in a variety of music scenes.

From the label:

Agakus and his crew of wasters invoke a simple but effective mantra of trudging repetition and distorted tones, with howling vocals of misanthropy over the top, with the bizarrely ethereal additions of French horn and saxophone filling out the sonic void.
Dense, layered saturation permeates the whole of the album, the sum of six members each providing a slice of dissonance and forming into
a single blackened pie filled with filth. There is little respite on “TSFPIS” save for a few moments of hazy melancholy peppered throughout
tracks, and the formula balances to create a sprawling doom rock opus that is at times reserved, but never once hopeful.

We’re happy (insofar as such terms apply) to be able to give you this exclusive look at the first video from The Star’s Fifth Point is Light, entitled “Eat You”. The video is directed by Dante Augustus Scarlatti, who has worked with Agakus on two previous Auris Apothecary releases. “Eat You” is a throwback to the heady days of the eighties, when music videos were short narrative films rather than just visual accompaniment, and it channels the feel of horror classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a contemporary aesthetic.

The Star’s Fifth Point is Light is available on cassette from Auris Apothecary and Sygil Records, and comes in a deluxe textured paper box with printed inserts. A digital download is also available through the AA Bandcamp page.


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