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Exclusive! A New Track and Video for Kalpamantra’s ‘The Echoing Black’

Kalpamantra: The Echoing Black

Kalpamantra: The Echoing Black

2016 marks the fifth year that Kalpamantra has released a mammoth compilation with a track list that reads like a who’s who of dark ambient artists. The Echoing Black is a showcase of the impressive stable of talent working with Kalpamantra and sister label Malignant Records. This year’s instalment features no fewer than 35 tracks, including work from Theologian, Steel Hook Prostheses, The Vomit Arsonist, Shibalba, Aderalating and Kristoffer Oustad. It will be available for purchase (as a digital download only) on Sunday (July 24th), but we have a couple of teasers for you today.

First, here’s a video featuring an excerpt of “Rust Eater” by Teeth Engraved. The video is by DFM of F Squared Media, a frequent collaborator with industrial and power electronics artists, whose work we have featured here on Heathen Harvest many times.

And second, we have a full length track, a collaboration from Phragments and Terra Sancta.

The compilation can be pre-ordered now through the Kalpamantra Bandcamp Page, where you can also get an unbelievable deal on buying the label’s entire back catalogue.