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Heathen Harvest's Midsummer II Compilation Is Now Online

Midsummer II | Illustration by Tracy T.

Midsummer II | Illustration by Tracy T. of T. Terrorist Photography

**Note: We offer this compilation for free to our readers, but we ask that if you enjoy it to please consider donating by purchasing.

As the sun welcomed the height of light in June of 2014, we halted our bi-annual compilation series with the issuing of our first collection dedicated to our own writers, Midsummer, fittingly falling between our usual Walpurgisnacht and Samhain release dates. We have made the decision to begin this compilation series anew and have chosen to light the fires where they were originally extinguished. Few names have returned from the original Midsummer two years ago, which is telling of just how quickly music ‘zines go through writers. Yet, talent remains high (though, of course, we could always use new writer help:  [email protected]).

On Midsummer II, you will find tracks from sixteen of our contributors, all exclusive to this release. Midsummer II is noise and folk-heavy, celebrating both the static charge of the season as well as the warmth and fervent activity that possesses all creatures under the sun. May our offering find you well and usher in the slow descent into fall with purpose, joy, and inspiration.

Album artwork by Tracy T. of T. Terrorist Photography.

Abstract Audio Systems is Ben Hudgins.
DSCPLN is HD-Atkinson.
Straight Panic is Thomas Boettner.
Serpentent is Anne K. O’Neill.
Highway Tragedy Response is Rebecca C. Brooks.
Wuchs is Martin Havørn.
Rope Society is David Tonkin.
Ironwood is Heimlich A. Laguz.
Planet Soud is Christos Doukakis.
Haraam is Mat Blackwell.
Crooked Mouth is Ian Campbell.
Anaru is Suweln Dangvn.
Sahn is Lysander.
Utu Lautturi is himself.
Hands of Ruin is Colin Robertson.
Anarch is Raul Antony.

With sincere gratitude to those who donated through Bandcamp:

Sara Andersson, Christopher Valentine, Nader Cheboub, Paul Walsh, Regina Randolph, Terrence Capelle, Amber Darkwood