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The Forest Passage 17: Judgements and Juries



Having been a month since our last episode we get caught up on what we’ve been up to since then. Your hosts have a few drinks while talking about experiences with the US jury system, getting over kicking boxing injuries, and discuss recently published reviews on Heathen Harvest, Black Ivory Tower, and Nine Circles. We discuss Chinese folk band Raflum, the challenge of meaningful power electronics, Batushka’s orthodox troubles in Russia and what that means to black metal as adversarial music, and more. 

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Episode notes:

Spanxti – Dievo žirgai, laimės ratai (Review)
Raflum – 歸棹 (Returning Boat)
Kamaedzitca – xQzTN 3087 (Review, Free Download)
Iron Fist of the Sun – Family Survival Strategy
Kawir – Father Sun Mother Moon (Nine Circles Review)
Degtyarov’s Intermissive Review Bonanza (Black Ivory Tower)
Exclusive: Premiering Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio “The Misanthropic Polygamist”


Spanxti – Už Kalnelio Ežerėlis
Raflum – 歸思 Song of Homesick
Iron Fist of the Sun – The Power of New Septembers
Kawir – To the Sovereign Sun
Death Squad – Anthem: Ideologicalisms & Ists
Kamaedzitca – Рождество