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Bight of the Twin World Premiere Genesis Breyer P-Orridge at The Rubin Museum July 15th

We are pleased to announce that Bight of the Twin will have its world premiere at The Rubin Museum of Art, in NYC on July 15th, 2016 at 7 pm! The premiere will be in conjunction with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge‘s ongoing exhibition, Try to Altar Everything.


Bight of the Twin tells the story of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and the Los Angeles-based artist and filmmaker Hazel Hill McCarthy III’s journey to Ouidah in Benin to explore the origins of the Vodoun (Voodoo) religion.

Bight of the Twin Teaser


In Benin, which has the highest national average of twins per birth in the world, twins carry sacred meaning and are venerated as Gods. When one sibling passes away, the remaining twin remembers their lost other, by carrying around a small, carved replica of their dead brother or sister. This engaged and public approach to grief and loss is a stark contrast to the closeted Victorian values that, for the most part, have saddled Western culture.

Limited-edition patch included with Premium Ticket

Limited-edition patch included with Premium Ticket

 During filming of the documentary, Breyer P-Orridge is serendipitously initiated into the ‘Twin Fetish’ after Dah Gbedjinon, Vodoun’s Head of Pythons, approaches the artist and tells h/er “you have lost your twin.” Through a series of sacrifices and ceremonies, Breyer P-Orridge reaffirms an eternal bond with h/er late wife and Pandrogyne partner, Lady Jaye.

The July 15th film premiere will be a part of a special evening with Psychic TV3 in concert and includes an exclusive psychic cross patch for the first 100 purchasers. The Super Ticket price for both the film and the PTV concert will be priced at $35 (film tickets are otherwise $18 in advance).

This film premiere is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Try to Altar Everything.

A Q&A with the filmmakers will follow the screening. 55 min

Rubin Museum Bight of The Twin