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Exclusive: Premiering the Video for Thorofon’s "In Blood and Heels"

Thorofon: Roots

Thorofon: Roots

Hatched in 1996, Thorofon, the German duo of Genevieve Pasquier and Daniel Hofmann, have become one of the most remarkable projects in the power noise/ industrial field. In celebration of the project’s twentieth anniversary, they have unveiled Roots, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks, accompanied by previous sonic assaults that have been reinterpreted to reveal their full power.

Roots is not mere nostalgia, but a return to Thorofon’s origins and a re-imagining of them for the present through the use of years’ worth of technological advances. The sound is brighter and fuller, while not sacrificing the gritty, hammering rhythms or surgical theatre ambiance of vintage industrial music. Roots will certainly satisfy those who have hungrily devoured the trademark mix of menacing power electronics and icy electronic body music.

Today, we’re giving an exclusive look and listen to the official video for “In Blood and Heels”, a great example of the catchiness and coldness of which Thorofon are so capable. The song originally appeared on Targets (2012), but has been re-recorded and is available now for the first time on CD.

“In Blood and Heels” was realized by DFM of F Squared Media and Stefan Alt (the man behind the Ant-Zen label and the visionary behind its spectacular graphic design).

Roots can be ordered directly from Ant-Zen in both CD and digital formats.

‘You cannot bring light to the world without being burned. We’re burning for you!’
Band photo by Stefan Alt.


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