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Exclusive: Premiering Autopsia’s "Anxiety II" Official Video

Autopsia: In Vivo

Autopsia: In Vivo

Autopsia has lurked in the symphonic shadows of industrial music for over thirty years, accumulating a loyal fanbase, but never achieving the broader fame that the project deserves. Most often compared to fellow death industrial/ neoclassical industrial progenitors Laibach, Autopsia has always stayed well clear of the Slovenians’ pop experimentation, while never shying away from incorporating a variety of other influences. This keeps the music less accessible to a larger audience, but arguably more interesting to those who are able to connect with it.

Interest in Autopsia is such that, although there has been no album of new material since 2009, there has been a great effort made to find and reissue any older material that might be in danger of slipping into the black hole of time. The latest effort to that end is In Vivo, soon to be released on Death Continues Records. The album, set to be the first in a trilogy of Autopsia reissues from the label, features material that was originally released on cassette from 1982-89 and which has been pretty much impossible to find since then. The music has been digitally remastered for CD release and we’re very happy to give you a preview of what you can expect with “Anxiety II”.

“Anxiety II” is the latest video from DFM/ F Squared Media, who has worked with a wide variety of industrial, electro and noise artists, including Sutcliffe Jugend, OrphxRamleh and Deutsch Nepal.

In Vivo is limited to 250 copies and will be available for pre-order starting May 30th from the label.


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