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Exclusive: Premiering Swollen Organs'"Feelings About Gender Guilt Over Time"


Swollen Organs

Brand new (released today) on Annihilvs Power Electronix, it’s the label debut of NYC filth electronics act Swollen Organs, Feelings About Gender Guilt Over Time. Sole band member Jimmy Aly (guitarist, bassist and random noises guy for the grind/ sludge band The Communion) takes a long, hard, sweaty look at the tenuous relationship between gender roles. Fraught with uncomfortable quiet moments and overbearing aggression, this release is a disturbing examination of sexuality, through the lens of misanthropy.

Swollen Organs made its first appearance in 2009, with the digital document A Single Purpose, but it remained dormant until 2012, when Digging Through The Trash was made available to the public via Aly’s own label, Nom de Plume Records.

From Annihilvs:

Operating within the liminal spaces between power electronics, death industrial, and harsh noise, the work of Swollen Organs is a study of personal jealousy, sexual obsession, violence, and the victim and the victimizer. It is the selfish manifestation of unfulfilled lust and constant hatred that is kept buried to prolong an unassuming existence in society, and ultimately a project of worship in every sense of the word.

Feast your ears on the full album, a gritty car wreck of rage and frustration, reminiscent of pioneers like Sutcliffe Jugend (in their Ripper days), Intrinsic Action and Con-Dom.

Track List

Do You Know Entertainment

Bruised Inversions

Total Ruin Avoids Neither Sex

Masked Anonymous Negotiations

Weakness Optimizes My Absolute Neglect

A Leveraged Lust

Grieving Every Night, Drugging Every Residual Symptom

Ongoing Resentment is Endured

Now Try Adding Tears

Illicit Opportunistic Nubile Sex



Feelings About Gender Guilt Over Time is available today in digipak CDR and digital formats. The artwork was rejected by the pressing plant for its pornographic content, so the album comes with an outer insert that presents the layout as originally intended, also including postcards, a sticker, and a mini poster. Order yours right here.

Artist photo courtesy of Josh Casuccio Photography


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