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Exclusive: Premiering Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio "The Misanthropic Polygamist"

Vision : Libertine- The Hangman's Triad

Vision : Libertine- The Hangman’s Triad

It may have been a while in coming, but the arrival of the new album by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is nigh upon us. Vision : Libertine- The Hangman’s Triad was originally conceived as an EP, however, over the course of three years, it has swollen to become a double album, two thematically linked entities, Part I- Holy Blood, Holy Union and Part II- The Tribalism of Tribalism. The label, Out of Line, describes the music herein as “tribadistic porno-pop”, a blend of the darker, mysterious sounds of their early releases with the melodic shift of their more recent material.

We are, of course, quivering with excitement and anticipation as we share the new track “The Misanthropic Polygamist” with you today.

Vision : Libertine- The Hangman’s Triad launches tomorrow and comes in a range of formats: double CD, double vinyl, a special boxed edition with a bonus CD (and other alluring trinkets) and as a package with the band’s new t-shirts. The packaging features the titillating imagery that fans of the band expect and, in fact, some of it was created with art submitted by fans. Everything can be ordered directly from Out of Line.

Release yourselves from your imposed period of sonic celibacy and embark once again on the quest for the ultimate aural orgasm.