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Norin – Bakom Planteringen

Bakom Planteringen

Bakom Planteringen

Norin is the latest moniker of Posh Isolation regular Hannes NorrvideLust for Youth‘s frontman and half of KYO, who are yet another new duo in the Danish avant-garde imprint’s roster. In just a few months, he has managed to put out a cassette and his debut LP, Bakom Planteringen, which we’re finally getting down to discussing here.

Norrvide refers to Norin as ‘the sound of overdosing in the chill-out room’, so that should warn you to not expect something too explosive out of Bakom Planteringen. The record draws influence from Helsingborg, Sweden—Norrvide’s hometown. I’ve never been to this part of Sweden, but if it sounds like this album does, then I suspect that it will be quite a simple yet emotionally draining place. Bakom Planteringen is a plain but very atmospheric techno album. Bakom Planteringen doesn’t do too much musically; the tracks appear to stay in the same place once they’ve formed a cohesive identity and mostly focus on exploring a very calm tempo with the same innervating (in the most pleasant way) pace.

Hannes Norrvide

Hannes Norrvide

Bakom Planteringen sounds like it was recorded live, which gives the album an intriguing sense of chaos and tension that isn’t traditionally to be expected in these genres that are usually neatly arranged and structured. The album might initially sound suitable for the ‘chill-out room’, but it’s by no means a relaxing, easily ignorable background listen. On the contrary, for such a simply layered style, it’s more than sufficiently engaging. Throughout the album, you will barely find explosive techno climaxes, with ‘Ser Aurora Från Sofiero’ or the epic closing track ‘Sundets Pärla’ somewhat being exceptions. Instead, the climactic buildup spans the entire length of the album, which I find to be a more coherent and proper way to treat techno-ish music when compiling an album. This way, one can really manage to tell a story and not just work with simple structures, which drains genre clichés dry and strives to conduct a certain and expected response in the listener.

Bakom Planteringen is a personal story that has been told through very minimalist tools and maybe that’s why it functions so well. But some extra spins are required for the album to grow on you. The album may have felt somewhat shallow after the first few listens, but perhaps it wasn’t sufficiently cold in my room.


Track List:

A1) Fram Till Kärnan
A2) Påfågeln
B1) Bakom Planteringen
B2) Ser Aurora Från Sofiero
B3) Sundets Pärla

Written by: Angel S.
Label: Posh Isolation (Denmark) / Posh Isolation 164 / 12” LP & Digital
Techno / Ambient / Experimental