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New Forces: Rodger Stella & Scant, Pyrox, Skin Graft + Harsh Noise Compilation

Rodger Stella & Scant – Third Phalanx c40



Something bad is going to happen, tension building, nerves shot. A perfectly realized collaboration between Rodger Stella (Macronympha, One Dark Eye) and Scant. Like all great collaborations this combines the best of both artists and arrives at a totally unique place.

Minimal textural studies build to satisfying noise outbursts as each side of this tape steadily increases your anxiety levels. Imagine a perfect one-second loop stretched out for 40 minutes, subjected to expert manipulation and increasing violence. The satisfaction of two of your favorites combining forces and going beyond your already high expectation.


Skin Graft – Activity Intolerance c30



Bad attitude, worse outlook. The latest work from the king of bleak harsh noise. Five tracks of Wyatt Howland‘s signature dismal electronics, a window into the decayed underbelly of the post-industrial Midwest.

The sound of rotting buildings crumbling around broken lives. Few current US noise artists have cultivated such an influential sound, but no one can capture the level of negativity that is Skin Graft. Even for a project known for producing ugly sounds “Activity Intolerance” is particularly nasty.

Excerpt below from review of Skin Graft’s Wet Engines written by Thomas Boettner for Heathen Harvest

What continues to set Skin Graft apart from other “noisicians” is the auditory range he’s willing to cover. Deep, crusty impact hides beneath feedback-scorched scratching. Shrieking human drama is taken to new heights of melodrama when shot through trash-heap gear. You can almost infer the state of day-to-day life in Cleveland based off these audio dispatches. Back in 2012, Rexington Steel wrote up a nice piece for the City/Ruins DVD on Live Bait Recording Foundation. There’s a point in the DVD when Wyatt Howland is reflecting on why he makes noise:

“When I do Skin Graft, I do it mainly as an outlet for anger and depression. There’s a lot of ways you can’t express yourself in day-to-day life. […] I make music so that I can stay a ‘cool guy’ on the outside, seething with rage on the inside. It’s not possible to let that out any other way and stay out of jail.” 

Pyrox – Fragment c40



Mushroom clouds of static. The all-electronic side project of Alan Bloor, aka Knurl. Where Knurl focuses entirely on the manipulation of metal instruments, Pyrox conjures impossibly dense waves of electronics using only Boss pedals.

Fragment” builds a massive wall of sound, but repeat listens will reveal subtle movement underneath the distortion. At high volumes this release can induce the sort of trance-like listening experience that only the best harsh noise achieves. An incredible work from one of Canada’s finest.

Action/Discipline – Orgasmic Response Unit – Legless – Unpenis c40



A compilation highlighting the nastier side of contemporary US harsh noise. Four unique approaches that are united in their dedication to extreme and violent sound. Action/Discipline pummels the listener into the ground with a barrage of high frequency electronics and low end rumble.

Orgasmic Response Unit aka the Tandy Brothers offer their trademark scrap metal noise. Legless stutters and stops en route to a piercing wall of feedback and electronic violence. Unpenis, a newer project which includes the mind behind Vat, manages to get even filthier, dragging the listener through 10 minutes of demented samples and vicious noise tantrums. Americanoise lives on.


A full list of available titles can be viewed at newforcesnoise.blogspot.com

All tapes are 7.00$ ppd in the US. International customers email with a list of desired titles – you will get a total that includes exact shipping. Email newforcesnoise at gmail.com to contact – this is also the paypal email.


The above tapes will be available from:

Tordon Ljud (Sweden)

Scream & Writhe (CA)

No Coast No Hope (US)