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Exclusive: Premiering Destroying Angel's "Stumbled Through the Years"

Destroying Angel

Destroying Angel

Say hello to an inspired new face in the American neofolk scene: Destroying Angel. After an “ear-catching” contribution to the a compilation of North American Heathen folk (Divided We Fall, which also featured appearances from Blood and Sun, Awen and Thomas Nöla and the Black Hole) and a limited edition EP late last year, the band’s debut full length Conversations with Their Holy Guardian Angel is shortly to be released on Not Just Religious Music. It’s limited to 300 copies, 100 each on black, white and magenta vinyl and boasts some pretty impressive collaborators: David E. Williams has joined as a full-time member and Sean Ragon from Cult of Youth handled production on two of the tracks. The video you see below was directed by Thomas Nola.

But Destroying Angel is defined by the songwriting talent and passionate performance of Anthony Cesa, who describes their work as “spiritual music for a  dying world”. A few more words from the artist:

Destroying Angel was born into the world in the winter of 2013 in Philadelphia. Originally a very stripped down folk project, they quickly grew from a 2 piece to a 5 piece. Incorporating synths, piano, violin, samples, bass, guitar and percussion Destroying Angel strive to bring together their love for 60’s acid folk/rock and post punk/industrial music to create something both dark but beautiful and uplifting. Fueled by the songwriting and vocals of Anthony Cesa the content of Destroying Angel begs the old questions – What are we? Where are we? Where do we go in our dreams? The love of nature and an appreciation both aesthetically and spiritually for the mystery of this existence is a constant theme throughout the lyrical content sound of the music. Our musical and artistic counter cultures and our strongest thinkers have always encouraged us to achieve what we desire and to treat one another with respect and consideration. Destroying Angel would like to encourage this attitude as well. Recognizing the divine qualities in ourselves and each other is the first step away from the sterile consumer state of mind. HAIL you, me and all of us.

Conversations with Their Holy Guardian Angel will be released on May 13, but you can preorder the album here.


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