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The Forest Passage 16: Echoes From Siberia (Exclusive Isa Song Premieres)



Spring has arrived and, appropriately, this latest podcast episode is a doozie. The Siberian folk/metal/darkwave band Isa has been so kind to grant us the opportunity to premiere two of their brand-new songs. In addition, we can also reveal more information about their upcoming new album –titled Echo– including the cover art featured below. Isa may still be an obscure name in the international underground, but seeing as both their previous album and a split they appeared on made it into my top 3 of 2015, this is THE band to watch when it comes to new talent emerging from the Eastern scene. In this podcast, we take you through Isa’s work so far, introduce you to their new songs and discuss the guiding themes. Yep, it’s Spring alright!

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Echo Cover Art

Echo Cover Art

 Alexander Rastvorov ringing bells

Alexander Rastvorov ringing bells

Episode notes:


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INTRO: Stary Olsa – Бог прэпаяса мя сілаю (Bog prepayasa mya silayu)
Yanka Dyagileva – Медведь выходит (Medved’ vykhodit)
Isa – Седой старик.Меловая гора (White-haired oldmen.Chalky mountain)
Yanka Dyagileva – Рижская (Rizhskaya)
Isa – Эхо (Echo)