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David Tibet's The Moons At Your Door Paperback Edition Currently Available

The Moons At Your Door: The Hardback & Paperback Editions Of David’s Anthology Of Strange Tales That Influenced Him And C93



The Moons At Your Door: The Hardback Edition

The hardback edition of David’s anthology was delivered to David, and to the publishers Strange Attractor, last week. It looked beautiful. But it was only 93% perfect; there was a small printing error, and the decision was made to return the book to the printers for pulping and reprinting. David wants this book to be perfect in every way, not just 93%. So he hopes to have the reprinted volume back in about 3 weeks, when they will be sent out. The chapbook that accompanies all hardback orders (whether ordered from David or from Strange Attractor), Montague Summers’ The Grimoire, arrives on Monday and will be sent out with the hardback. The special gift that accompanies all copies of the hardback is already there, and will be sent in the same packet as the hardback and chapbook. Apologies for these delays, which are out of his hands.

The Moons At Your Door: The Paperback Edition

The paperback edition of this book, which is identical in every way to the hardback, except in its binding and in its lacking the pictorial endpapers of the hardback, is now out and available at all good and bad bookshops.


The Moons At Your Door & The 2-sided Swastikas For Noddy Signed And Numbered Screen-prints

These finally arrived this week, after a delay that due to illness, and they will be sent out this week. The luminescence on the The Moons At Your Door screen-print is especially beautiful, although impossible to take a photograph of which showed how strongly it glows.



The Moons At Your Door 3 LP Special Edition

All the paper parts for this item have been received for this item. The last thing that needs to be done is the screen printing of David’s designs on the blank sides of the three 12” records; the delay with this is due to David’s redrawing the designs. Hopefully this item at last will be ready in the next 4 weeks. Apologies again for the delay.

Other News From The Back Of The Moon

  • There Is A GraveYard That Dwells In Man, the second instalment of David’s anthology of stories and texts that have influenced him and C93, which commenced with The Moons At Your Door, will be published towards the end of 2016.
  • We have found some more copies of the first and second edition of David’s book of collected lyrics, Sing Omega and some more copies of the Madge Gill MYRNINERESTbook. We hope to add these to the shop at the beginning of April.
  • A paperback edition of SING OMEGA is scheduled to be published in late 2016 or early 2017.
  • Skipping continues into the new C93 album, David’s most ambitious work yet. There will be details soon concerning the various editions and subscription possibilities.
  • David continues to work on his edition of The Collected Works of Count Stenbock, but his lack of spare time due to many other projects is holding it back longer than he would have liked.

Currently Current

Listening: The Wyrd Meme by Alasdair Roberts; the new album by Shirley Collins; anything and everything by the Groundhogs; TarkusPictures At An ExhibitionTrilogy by Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Prelude by Wytch Hazel.

Reading: The Sumerian Language (long out of print) by Marie-Louise Thomsen (Akademisk Forlag, Copenhagen, 1984); Shadows in the Nave—A Guide to the Haunted Churches of England by Paul Adams, Eddie Brazil and Peter Underwood (The History Press, Stroud, 2011); Philosophy Before The Greeks by Marc Van De Mieroop (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2016)

Translating: the Akkadian (and semi-Sumerian) Lamaštu texts collected in Walter Farber’s wonderful Lamaštu: An Edition of the Canonical Series of Lamaštu Incantations and Rituals and Related Texts from the Second and Third Millenia B.C. (Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, 2014).

Coming Soon…

Gef The Talking Mongoose


David is utterly fascinated by this case. My friend Christopher Josiffe’s book on Gef the Talking Mongoose, to be published in the Autumn by Strange Attractor will be the first on Gef since Harry Price and Richard Stanton Lambert’s classic The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap (Methuen & Co., London, 1936), one of his favourite, favourite, favourite books ever, which is now very scarce. A good overview of the case can be seen here. A shorter overview is here.