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Cloudsound – Asperatus



Sound can be a way to identify with or reflect the conditions of our surroundings. It can even be an escape valve or fantasy that is a sanctuary for our worn souls in times of darkness (or excessive light, for that matter).  Cloudsound is the solo experimental, abstract sound project of Lee Boyd.  Hailing from Umea, Sweden, with half a dozen releases of homemade releases under his belt, this release finds Boyd at once relaxed and confident, navigating complex,  moody territory that is all its own.  Clear echoes reverberating through a frozen tundra bring to mind the shimmering soundscapes of Brian Eno’s Discreet Music—a comparison I don’t make lightly.  Intensity increases gradually throughout the album; tonal themes slowly expand like flowers stretching out their petals in the morning sun.  One finds themselves transfixed by the subtle pacing and tranquility of the tones found within this shell of plastic.



“Moldavite Ossify” is a shorter buzzing collection of numerous boldly colored tones that react to one another in a tightly controlled atmosphere, while “Lagom Drone” develops an exploratory meandering mood with processed flutes and guitar, dancing around patterns that sound as if they have been configured by an alien spacecraft sound generator.

There’s even a bit of the Manuel Gottsching style of guitar delay/looping action towards the end of Asperatus that is, for the most part, passable.  All of the sound elements are unidentifiable and work together in harmony like a series of three or four colors, creating a masterpiece of an album.  An absolute focus and integrity of vision are clear across each of these five meditative tracks. I find myself marveling at how the sound moves around on this album. These waves are worth a repeat listen as they aurally purl towards your ear holes, defining an album that is essentially a perfectly relaxing mood for the end of the night.


Track List:

01) Spool Carriage Tephagram
02) Moldavite Ossify
03) Lagom Drone
04) Salene Vapor Screen
05) Egons DOS Angel Encoder

Rating: 8/10
Written by: Jacob DeRaadt
Tranquility Tapes (United States) / TQ68 / CD-R, Tape
Independent (Sweden) / None / Digital
Drone Ambient / Minimal / New Age