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Exclusive- Premiering the New Video by Sutcliffe Jugend


Upon Her Passing

Sutcliffe Jugend established themselves as pioneers in the power electronics scene when the movement was in its infancy, raising the bar for visceral content to a level that has never been equaled. From the rough (and often controversial) years of their early material, they have moved forward, drawing elements from across the musical spectrum. Their more recent catalogue has grown ever more challenging, defying expectation and moving well beyond the limitations of any genre.

The Muse, which will be released at the end of the month on Death Continues Records, may well represent the apex of their great expansion, a sound too gripping to be called ambient, with thin tendrils of jazz influence wound through it, sharp, almost glitchy sounds that crackle through your brain like electricity and disquieting vocals that scrape into your psyche. This is the sort of album that gets inside you, at once intimate and intimidating, something that is not so much heard as felt and that stays with you long after the sound has faded.

Today, Heathen Harvest has the premiere of “Upon Her Passing”, a track that reveals the troubled heart of The Muse with its crepuscular, almost mournful, atmosphere. The video itself is the latest from the brain of DFM (F Squared Media), who has collaborated with artists from across the industrial spectrum, and is the perfect visual complement to the track.

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND :: Upon Her Passing [Official Video] from F Squared Media on Vimeo.

The Muse will be limited to 300 copies only and can be preordered by emailing [email protected].


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