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The Forest Passage 13: Blood and Sun Interview (Operation Equinox Series)


This week Raul talks to Luke Tromiczak of American neofolk band Blood and Sun and debuts unreleased previews of upcoming releases. Our discussion takes us through Luke’s music and art influences, moving from the Mid-West to New York City, performing at Summer’s Wane with Of the Wand & the Moon and in Europe at with Cult of Youth and King Dude, the common ground between black metal and neofolk, the upcoming Operation Equinox Tour and using humor to temper your steel. 

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Episode notes:

Blood and Sun Bandcamp
Pesanta Urfolk
Operation Equinox Tickets at Annihilvs Power Electronix
Absinthe Studio (Bob Ferbrache)
Nighttime (Montreal band)

Blood and Sun Playlist:

INTRO: “Culling” – From the release White Storms Fall
“The Confession of the Communion of the Saints” – To be released on Brave Mysteries
“Until the Dawn” – Upcoming 7″ Cain’s Orchard, to be Released on Not Just Religious Music
“Lavender Letters” – Upcoming release Dust Century from Kim Larson’s Heiðrunar Myrkrunar
“Cain’s Orchard” – Upcoming 7″ Cain’s Orchard, to be Released on Not Just Religious Music