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Exclusive: Premiering Anemone Tube “Golden Temple”


Golden Temple

One of the industrial genre’s best kept secrets, Anemone Tube is finally coming into its own, bewitching listeners with a blend of suffocating electronics, layered field recordings and a sophisticated intellectual framework that offers something beyond simply an interesting listening experience. Golden Temple is the penultimate chapter of the “suicide series” tetralogy and offers the listener a contemplation on the traditions of the far east (through recordings made across Japan and China) and the plight of the modern urban world.

From the label:

After the purely fantastic “Dream Landscape” conjuring up an apocalyptic vision and the dark, brooding landscape of “Death over China” slowly spreading as thick smog (as a consequence for China’s uncompromising economical and societal development creating irreparable environmental harm), the semi-fictional work “Golden Temple” is the series’ logical sequel. It suggests a (meta)physical landscape, here in form of global cities and metropolises proudly and brightly soaring in darkness, and bestowing golden radiance and divine beauty. With its alluring metaphorical world of images, signs and sounds it is the very symbol of our innermost longings, desires and fears and our attempts to escape from a disconcerting reality. The “Golden Temple” is comforting and threatening at the same time: consoling as it promises to reveal the secrets of beauty,threatening as it becomes a mirror of our secret death wish.

Strongly influenced by Pasolini’s cinematic masterpiece “Medea”, which evolves around the subject matters of estrangement from traditional values, the loss of contact with the mythical and the sacred in an increasingly rationalized and consumerist society, Anemone Tube brings matters to a head with an invocation of religiously charged symbolism, with the “Golden Temple” acting as more than a singular viewpoint, but as a meta-sign, functioning in its paramount acknowledgement and acceptance of complex, sometimes contradictory subject matter. 

The album will be released on February 11th by Raubbau, but we have two tracks to whet your appetite today:

Tower Of Evil (The Ultimate Truth)

Sea Of Lights (Golden Temple)

In addition to a complex and thought-provoking listening experience Golden Temple also comes packaged in a sumptuous 6-panel gold and black case with a 12 page booklet, offering a feast for the eyes as well.

The album can be preordered here via Ant-Zen.


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